Well Pumps

When your daily water supply depends on a well on your property, there is no more important piece of equipment than your well pump. Without the right maintenance, parts, and regular care, a well pump runs the risk of going into disrepair, putting your home’s water supply at risk.

Whether you have decided to build a new home on a fresh tract of property or you’re simply looking for a Cleveland plumber to install or service your well pump, Pompeii’s has the expertise, years of service, and quality parts you need.

Types of Well Pumps

Well pumps come in many different forms. Commonly, most water well pumps are submersible, meaning they operate beneath the surface of the water in your well. They may be mechanical or rotary or they may be DC electric powered. There are even some solar powered well pumps.

Most well diggers will install a well pump that is designed to last a number of years in your well when it is put in. However, it is important to carry out steady maintenance on that well every year, ensuring that parts are well lubricated, nothing is loose, and that the machinery continues to work at optimum efficiency.

Well Pump Replacement

In some cases, you may find that the well pump is no longer big enough to provide water to your entire Cleveland house. When the shower and kitchen faucet run together or when water runs deeper in the summer, you may notice that your water pressure decreases substantially. When this happens, you may decide to replace your old well water pump with a new one that can provide more gallons per minute and serve a larger home.

The purchase of a new pump is usually done by measuring the peak water demand for your home. How many gallons of water is your home using at the 7 minute peak, usually in the morning or evening? There are a variety of charts and scales to help determine where these numbers fall, but generally, the averages are determined by the size of the house (assuming each bathroom is in use). One bathroom’s peak water use would require a 7–gallons per minute (GPM) pump to meet peak demand. In contrast, a 2 or 2 1/2 bathroom home will need at least 14 GPM to maintain steady flow.

Other factors to consider when purchasing a new well pump include the cost of the pump, the power supply needed to operate the pump, the size of your current pump and the necessary service to keep that pump running year after year compared to a new one.

Well Pump Maintenance

Once you have selected and installed the best well pump for your home, it is important to ensure regular maintenance is performed to keep the pump running smoothly. Maintenance for a well water pump includes part replacement, power supply inspection, and general repair to loose bolts and screws, or any other potential issues that might arise, including clogs.

Pompeii’s Plumbing provides a full range of well water pump installation and maintenance services for Greater Cleveland, Ohio area residents. If you are getting ready to move to a new piece of property or simply need a new Avon plumber to help maintain your home’s water supply, give us a call and learn how we can ensure the best quality parts and service for any home water well.

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