Pompeii’s Is A Green Company!

Based on the high-quality you’ve come to expect and love from Pompeii’s, when it comes to a green environment we deliver:

Water Saving Techniques/Products
Green Cleaning and Maintenance
Sustainable Design/Build Techniques for Building Interior and Envelopes
Energy Conservation
Green-focused Repair/Replace/Remodeling
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)
Sustainable Environmental Construction

Providing Water Saving Solutions

About 65% of our business is now green plumbing however, our plumbers are capable of handling any plumbing job from small repairs to complete facility renovation or construction.

Providing Indoor Air Quality Environments

Our award winning designers and technicians provide the most energy efficient and most comfortable heating and air system installations in the State of Ohio.

Recycling & Sourcing

Not only do we recycle cardboard, copper, plastics, glass and steel materials, but we track material source information. We require knowing what materials are being used, and also where they were manufactured.