Plumbing Maintenance

Any time you have a problem with your plumbing system, you’ll want to call a contractor you can trust. Pompeii’s provides reliable plumbing maintenance in Cleveland, OH and the Greater Cleveland area. Not only can maintenance prevent repair needs, but it can also improve the efficiency of your entire system. Whether you have a backed up drain or sewer line, or you have a leaky faucet, call Pompeii’s for all your plumbing maintenance needs. Our Cleveland plumbers have the skills and experience to get any job done right, so call today!

Sewer Line Maintenance

The main sewer line that connects your home to the municipal sewage system is buried relatively deeply in your yard, so when there’s a problem with your sewer line system, you need an experienced plumber to resolve the issue. This will prevent damage to your property, your neighbor’s property, or any other buried utility lines.

Our drain and sewer experts use advanced technology to find the source of your sewer problem and to determine the best solution and approach to the repair. While a major problem may mean we have to replace your entire sewer line, there are ways to help maintain your sewer lines to prevent this from recurring. Call us today for all your sewer line maintenance or repair needs.

Drain Cleaning in Cleveland and the Surrounding Areas

Regular maintenance for the drain system in your home includes annual inspections and, when necessary, a drain cleaning service. Drain cleaning can help to clear any debris or sediment that may be building up in your drain pipes and that can eventually lead to clogs or system backups. When our plumbers perform a standard drain cleaning service, they also inspect the pipes for any hidden issues, such as small leaks or cracks. Catching these problems early on can help resolve them before they get worse or cost you a fortune in emergency repairs later on. Be sure to call Pompeii’s for your yearly plumbing inspection or drain cleaning service in Cleveland and the Greater Cleveland area.

Regular Plumbing Maintenance

Regular, preventive maintenance can help avoid all types of problems with your plumbing system, including backups in your drains and sewers. During a regular maintenance visit, our plumbers perform a thorough examination of your pipes, drains and sewer system. This includes a video camera inspection designed to give us a close up look at even the most remote areas of your system. We can also check your outdoor drainage situation to ensure that you have proper drainage. Without a good outdoor drainage system in place, you could end up with a wet basement or water damage. If you have a sump pump, we can provide routine maintenance and cleaning for both the well and the pump.

With regular plumbing maintenance, our Cleveland plumbers will address any issues we find and provide drain cleaning services as needed to keep your plumbing working at all times. Call Pompeii’s for all your plumbing maintenance needs in Cleveland.

Pompeiis, Family–Owned Since 1941

As a family–owned, full service, repair, replacement, remodel and installation plumbing contractor, Pompeii’s has been in business since 1941. For three generations, Pompeii’s has been an integral and respected part of the Cleveland area plumbing professional community. Since our incorporation we have provided our services to the residential and commercial markets.

Our highly experienced and qualified staff specializes in customer service. We offer personal service at the highest level. All service technicians are fully qualified and trained to repair your problems. All service trucks are fully stocked and radio dispatched for rapid response. Our large fleet of service vehicles offers you reliable, same day and 24 hour emergency call service in the Greater Cleveland area.