Water Lines

Water line problems in your Cleveland, OH area home or business can be a tremendous headache. When severe enough, they can force you from your home or building and force immediate action. When that happens, know that Pompeii’s has the experience and expertise needed to fix your broken water lines as quickly and professionally as possible.

When a water line breaks, there are no do–it–yourself solutions. Not only do you need special tools to close off the broken line and start replacing the affected pipes; you need years of experience as a Cleveland plumber to act fast and salvage your home from as much water damage as possible. That’s why it is so vital that you contact a professional immediately – the sooner you get someone into your home, the sooner you can breathe that prolonged sigh of relief.

Repairing Water Lines

Most water lines in buildings are located underground where they will cause the least damage and have access to the source pipes feeding your building. However, accessing those underground water lines is easier said than done. While some buildings will have easy access to a broken main line, most will require drilling or digging to reach the affected water line.

While most people can operate a drill or dig a ditch, only an experienced Cleveland plumber can pinpoint the exact spot to dig and get into the pipe quickly without disrupting your home any more than necessary.

Water Line Leak Causes

While some breaks in water lines are due to extreme conditions, most of the time the cause is simple age and deterioration. As the pipes in your water lines age, they start to rust. Some joints will grow loose and eventually water will spring through, spreading and causing a much larger leak.

This can result in a simple leak between two joints or a full blown hole in your pipe pouring water into your home. For the former, the repair can be done with patches and replacement of key joints, but when the water line fully breaks, you may need completely new pipes installed, especially if your home is still using the old iron pipes that are so much more prone to breaking.

There are some instances when the water leak is only a symptom of a much larger problem – an issue with the water main feeding you and your neighbors. This can occur when a leak is not addressed or when the pressure grows too large between that main and your water lines.

If this happens, you might cause similar water line problems for your neighbors, so it is vital that all residents of the Greater Cleveland, Ohio area see to the regular maintenance of their water lines, regardless of whether there is a leak. Regular inspections and leak checks can help reduce the risk of potential issues and keep your home from becoming a pool of unwanted main line water.

What to Look For:

Symptoms of a leaky or even broken water line include decreased flow in your home, water backing up in your yard, excess water bills, or complaints from your neighbors. If you notice any of these issues, contact Pompeii’s Plumbing immediately and have us come take a closer look at your water lines.

You never know when a small problem can turn into a major issue – causing significant damage to your home, your neighborhood and ultimately your pocketbook.

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