Water Treatment Systems

Let’s face it – the water coming through your tap is not always ideal. City tap water can be too hard, loaded with chemicals and minerals, or contain bits of metal from old, eroding pipes. Most people would rather not let their family drink water with so many potential contaminants, and while there are some changes you can make by having old iron pipes replaced and checking your water supply for outside contaminants, the best solution is to install a water treatment system. If you’re interested in having a new water treatment system installed in your home, call your Cleveland, OH area water treatment experts at Pompeii’s today.

Water treatment systems are installed directly into your home’s plumbing to treat water as it is brought into your house. Rather than having a filter attached to your kitchen faucet or in your refrigerator, you can filter all of the water you use in your home, including what you use to wash dishes, clothes, and yourself.

But, installing water treatment systems is not a cake walk. Unlike basic faucet top filters, a water treatment system requires expert installation in the root of your water supply. This will ensure all fittings are secure, water isn’t wasted and that you receive freshly treated water in every part of your Cleveland, OH home.

Types of Water Treatment Systems

Treatment systems vary as widely as the problems that affect your water. For most suburban and city dwelling homeowners, water is generally well treated before it reaches your home. Though it may be loaded with chemicals and possibly contain excess metals, the majority of the water you receive through your tap is safe to drink.

So the best treatment systems for you include water softening and filtering systems that will remove the excess iron and sediment that can build up in your pipes along with the chlorine and chloramine that builds up in the water. This is good not only for your drinking water but for washing your clothing and your body.

If you live in a rural area and use a well or a water tower, you may have other issues with your water including potential bacteria, excess acid, or unwanted sediment from the ground. Filter systems can be installed that will not only inject small amounts of cleansing chemicals, but also add filters to remove unwanted ground sediment before it reaches your glass.

Water Treatment Systems Installations

Some water treatment systems can be installed directly into your kitchen countertop, attaching to your main drinking water faucet to provide you with cleaner, healthier water through your tap. However, if you want to ensure all the water in your home is clean and potable, a household system is needed.

Installation of an iron filter, reverse osmosis system, or water treatment system to remove bacteria and metals will require access to the main line of your water supply. It will generally be shut off for a few hours while installation occurs.

After installation, your Pompeii’s Plumbing technician will test your system to ensure there are no leaks in the new system, but also to be sure that the filters and treatment are working. Most treatment systems can be self–maintained, but it is recommended that you have a professional visit and inspect your system every 1–2 years to check your filter and the fittings. Some water treatment systems can last much longer than this 1–2 year time frame, but many require more immediate attention to maintain their effectiveness.

Water softeners and conditioners range in price from $300 to $6,000 depending on the size of the conditioner you need and the breadth of scrubbing it will do. Simple filters will remove excess chemicals and debris; while more advanced systems will go through multi–stage reverse osmosis and utilize a far higher grain count to filter your water. All residents of the Greater Cleveland, Ohio area are encouraged to call us to have one of our trained professionals assess your current water treatment system and needs.

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