Woman Regulating Heater Temperature

Turn Up the AC, Cleveland: 3 Reasons to Upgrade to Higher Efficiency Cooling

If you’ve ever experienced a summer without AC in Cleveland, then you know first hand what it’s like to be stuck without proper cooling in your home when the thermometer rises. A lack of proper home cooling can create an uncomfortable atmosphere, making it difficult to relax or even breathe for you and your entire family. Even worse is having an AC that can’t provide the blast of cool air it’s designed to produce.

Pompeii’s offers AC installation, repair, and replacement for all Cleveland residents to avoid the perils of the summertime heat. We install the latest and most efficient in home cooling efficiency technology so you’re never stuck with a dud AC ever again. Here’s 3 reasons why you should upgrade to higher efficiency cooling:

  1. Replace the Old with the New: If your AC is aged 8 to 12 years old, it’s probably time to chuck it out and go for an upgrade. While an old AC may still run perfectly fine, it may also have a lower SEER rating which makes it more susceptible for breakdowns, costing you more money on future repairs. When you upgrade to a newer AC, you’re guaranteed higher efficiency cooling that will eliminate costs on repair. A new AC also has a higher SEER rating to ensure long-lasting quality performance.
  1. Avoid High Energy Bills:  When your AC starts to die, it uses up more energy to keep itself running. This can only cause the costs of your energy bill to increase and cost you money otherwise saved by an upgrade in higher efficiency cooling. A new cooling system in your home won’t rely on a hefty amount of energy to supply you and your family with cool air all summer long. Best of all, the costs of those energy bills will lower significantly!
  1. Improve Indoor Air Quality: The heat and humidity in the summertime can make the indoor air quality sink to nearly unbearable levels. Asthma sufferers in your household may especially struggle to cope with a sudden increase in humidity. An upgrade in higher efficiency cooling will create a more breathable living space for you and your entire family. Cool, fresh air can do wonders in terms of how you can relax in your home during the summer.

Contact Pompeii’s if you want an upgrade in your AC in Cleveland. A new AC can literally breathe new life into your home!