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Slab Leaks

When something is leaking from one of your pipes, you might assume you would know pretty quickly. That is not always the case with slab leaks. This is why Pompeii’s Plumbing & Heating offers comprehensive slab leaks services to all of our  Greater Cleveland area customers. We have all the best equipment and tools to find the source of the problem and repair it quickly, so any damage can be kept to a minimum.

The Dangers of Slab Leaks

Slab leaks get their name from the fact that they occur in a pipe that runs behind a large slab of concrete. Since the water leaking out of the pipe cannot seep straight through the concrete, it runs along the surface of it or pools behind it until it finally reaches a place where it can get through. That means that you could have a slab leak for quite some time and not know it. It also means that while that water is sitting there, it can be doing a great deal of damage to whatever structures are nearby.

Fortunately there are some other warning signs you can watch for that can alert you to the presence of a slab leak somewhere in your home. These include an unexplained increase in your water bill that does not correspond to an increased usage in your home. When that shows up, it usually means water is leaking out somewhere, and you will be paying for it even though you are not using it.

You should also call for professional Cleveland slab leak detection services if you notice a sudden drop in water pressure in some or all of the taps in your home. This can also be caused by a slab leak, but only a professional Cleveland plumber can tell you for sure.

Professional Slab Leak Detection in Cleveland and the Surrounding Areas

Because the source of slab leaks can be so hard to determine, it is important to hire an experienced professional for all slab leak detection services in Cleveland. Our experts have a considerable amount of experience dealing with this type of problem. They also have all of the best diagnostic tools and equipment at their disposal, so you can rest assured that they will find the source of your problem as quickly as possible.

Slab Leak Repair Service

Once we have determined the location of your slab leak, we can repair it using a variety of advanced techniques. We will do everything we can to stop the leak and fix the pipe with minimal disruption to your home and daily routine. We always clean up after ourselves, so you will not be left with a mess.

We handle all sizes of slab leaks, big and small. Do not hesitate to call Pompeii’s today to learn more about how we can find and repair slab leaks in your home. We offer plumbing repair services to Avon, Avon Lake, and the Greater Cleveland area.

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