Plumber in Cleveland Gives Drain Cleaning Advice

As your trusted plumber in Cleveland since 1941, we always do our best to help homeowners protect the health of their plumbing systems. The reason is that we understand that your home is probably the biggest investment you’ll ever make, and you need it to be well-maintained in order to provide a safe place for you and your family.

However, over the years, we’ve seen many homeowners run into trouble with their pipes—simply due to lack of maintenance! And that’s a shame, since it’s totally unnecessary. By just taking the time every month to clean your drains properly, you can prevent sludge and sediment from building up in your drains and leading to blockages. And that’s why we want to give you some good drain cleaning advice.

Top Drain Cleaning Tips from Your Plumber in Cleveland

Keeping your drains clean is a matter of routine and common sense. Here are some easy ways to flush out your drains properly:

  1. Baking soda. Pour a cup of ordinary baking soda into the drain. Next, pour in a pot of hot water, and when that’s completely drained, another pot of hot water. Finally, let the cold water run for a couple of minutes to flush the drain through.
  2. Salt and vinegar. No, it’s not just your favorite flavor for potato chips. These two ingredients also make for a powerful solution to clean drains. Simply mix a cup of iodized salt with half a cup of vinegar and pour it into the drain. Let that work for about 15 minutes. Then boil approximately 2 cups of water, and pour it slowly into the drain. Finally, flush the drain with cold water.
  3. Commercial drain cleaner. For an even more powerful cleaning solution, purchase a bottle of commercial drain cleaner. This is highly chemical, so make sure to wear protective gloves, clothing and safety glasses when using. Carefully follow the instructions on the bottle, and remember to clean the basin out thoroughly to remove all toxins.

Call Pompeiis If…

Call Pompeiis immediately if you have a clogged drain and these tips don’t work. Remember: blockages can cause pipes to burst, and that in turn can cause significant damage to your home. So don’t wait for serious drain blockages—call Pompeiis right away!