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Duct Testing

The air ducts in your home play a vital role day in and day out of delivering air from your central heating and cooling system to the living areas of your home. They are also buried under floors and behind walls, so they are easy to forget about and hard to check to see if they are in good condition. That is why Pompeii’s Plumbing & Heating offers comprehensive duct testing services in Cleveland and the surrounding area.

Our expert technicians have the right tools and equipment to check your entire duct system, looking for leaks, cracks, loose connections, and collections of sediment and debris. This type of attention is meant to keep your ducts working properly while keeping your home as comfortable as possible. So whether your ducts are relatively new or have not been serviced for many years, do not hesitate to give us a call today.

The Importance of Duct Testing in Cleveland

Without professional Cleveland duct testing, you can have little idea whether your ducts are working properly or not. But their integrity is essential to maintaining a comfortable indoor environment with high indoor air quality. That is because a crack or other disruption in your duct system will immediately let in outdoor air pollutants or fumes from exhaust ducts in other parts of your home. This adds a great deal to the pollutants your air filters and other indoor air quality systems are meant to remove, and it increases the likelihood that at least some of those contaminants will enter your indoor air circulation.

A break in the integrity of your air ducts will also affect the ability of your HVAC system to maintain a comfortable temperature in all areas of your home. While it might still accomplish this task, it will have to work much harder to do so, which increases the likelihood that it will break down or wear out soon as well.

Professional Duct Testing Service from Pompeii’s

For all of these reasons, you should call for professional Cleveland duct testing services from Pompeii’s whether you think there is a problem in your ductwork or not. Our professional technicians have all of the right tools and equipment at their disposal, and they will go over your entire system to make sure everything is as it should be. If we find a problem, we can repair it as well, so all you have to do is schedule the appointment and let us do the rest.

Pompeiis, Family–Owned Since 1941

As a family–owned, full service, repair, replacement, remodel and installation plumbingheating, and air conditioning contractor, Pompeii’s has been in business since 1941. For three generations, Pompeii’s has been an integral and respected part of the Cleveland area plumbing and heating professional community. Since our incorporation we have provided our services to the residential and commercial markets.

Our highly experienced and qualified staff specializes in customer service. We offer personal service at the highest level. All service technicians are fully qualified and trained to repair your problems. All service trucks are fully stocked and radio dispatched for rapid response. Our large fleet of service vehicles offers you reliable, same day and 24 hour emergency call service in the Greater Cleveland area.