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Do You Need a Plumber in Avon? Call Pompeii’s!

The last thing probably on your mind when you’re sitting at All Pro Freight Stadium taking in a Lake Erie Crushes baseball game and enjoying a hot dog is: I wonder if my plumbing system is OK. However, you and your family need to be ready at a moment’s notice to take care of any emergency plumbing situation in your home.

With the experts at Pompeii’s Plumbing, we lean on our professional certifications and licenses to prove we’re qualified to provide you with any plumbing issue you come across. We specialize in being prepared for any plumbing emergency with the proper tools and technology for any repair, full replacement, new installment or maintenance job you need on your property.

Features of our Plumbers in Avon

As true pros in the field of plumbing, our plumbers in Avon focus on providing you these features of our plumbing services:

  • Water Heaters: This is the most important plumbing device in your home, so make sure to nip any potential problem you notice in the bud with our services.
  • PipesWhen one pipe breaks, yourwhole plumbing system may be in trouble, so we’ll immediately evaluate and assess the situation and best solution.
  • Sump Pump: Keep your basement dry and the integrity of your home intact with an efficient sump pump.
  • Bathroom Faucets & Toilets: Leaks in either of these fixtures can cause major damage to your bathroom if not treated properly by the professionals right away.
  • Sewer & Drain Clogs: We use professional equipment to eliminate any size clog in your drain and sewer pipes to ensure efficiency.

Benefits of our Plumbers in Avon

After working with our experienced plumbers in Avon, you’ll feel confident in saying: “Pompeii’s Plumbing’s plumbing services…


  • …washed away all my clogs along with any worries about handling and potential plumbing problems in the future!
  • …charged me reasonably and appropriately for their professionally executed services!
  • …ensured that my entire plumbing system aligns with all the proper plumbing regulations codes!
  • …promised to schedule plumbing maintenance sessions with me to keep everything running smoothly and consistently for a long time to come!
  • …eased my mind that my family will always live in a sanitary and healthy home

Grab the phone and call our licensed plumbers at Pompeii’s in Avon today for any of your plumbing needs!