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Beat the Heat with Better AC in Cleveland

This summer, home comfort is all about proper air conditioning. With high temperatures and humidity on the rise, it’s time to think about servicing your AC in Cleveland! When you need cooling services this summer, look to your local experts at Pompeii’s Plumbing and Heating.

Whether you need a new system installed, repair service, or routine maintenance to your current AC, Pompeii’s is here for you!

 A Safe and Effective Cooling System

 How reliable is your current cooling system? If your AC is between the age of 10 and 15, has needed multiple repairs in the last year, or is costing you a fortune in energy bills each season, it might be time to consider a new device. The experts at Pompeii’s can help you find an AC that best fits your family’s needs and home’s size.

 Besides having the appropriate AC for your home environment, the best way to enhance your AC experience over the next few months is to have your cooling system seasonally inspected. A routine inspection by a professional from Pompeii’s will nip any potential problems in the bud. Over time, dirt and debris build up in your device and can lead to major damages if not addressed promptly.

During a routine tune-up, a technician will: clean or replace dirty air filters, remove debris from condenser and evaporator coils, double-check that all components are properly installed, replace any worn or expired equipment, and refill refrigerant as needed.

Seasonal maintenance keeps your device working as effectively as possible. It reduces utility bills as a properly functioning AC uses minimal energy. Regular maintenance also decreases repair costs while also increasing your system’s lifespan. You can rely on a regularly serviced device for clean, safe air and quality performance.


Routine maintenance safeguards your device from a system breakdown. These are extremely common during a heat wave—when you need your AC the most! A heat wave requires your AC to work longer and harder than normal. So don’t wait until your system experiences a failure to call for maintenance! Beat the heat this summer and call the experts at Pompeii’s Plumbing and Heating. Schedule a maintenance check right now!